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Selective Waste Paper Collection for Offices and Institutions

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Confidential Document Shredding

A secure and environmental friendly solution for handling office waste paper and its recycling

The INEST Nonprofit Ltd. offers a secure and practical solution for collection and confidential destruction of all office waste papers and old documents.

Inest started its environmental protecting and paper shredding business in 2008.It’s focus has been to motivateselective paper waste collection in offices while maintaining secure document handling. The goal is to provide selective paper collection programs that help companies and its employees to be environmentally conscious and help them in maintaining sustainable development. All the papers and documents that are collected by Inest are confidentially destroyed and recycled into paper products.


We solve one of your problems: your documents and other confidential waste papers are destroyed in confidentiality and turned into recycled paper products.

you save money, as our selective office paper collection is free of charge. At the same time, you will have less waste in the communal waste and may pay less for communal waste collection services;
you no longer have to pay for document shredding and confidential paper destruction, as that is included in our free services while we provide the maximum security to your documents;
you help to develop environmentalconsciousness among your employees through participating in our program;
you support an environmental project, as with your participation less paper will end up communal wasteand fewer trees will be cut down for paper production

Inest provides you three main services for selective paper waste collection and confidential document shredding:

Selective waste paper collection for offices
Confidential document handling – shredding
Cleaning up record office or filing-cabinet

1. Selective waste paper collection for offices

Selective waste paper collection for offices service means that you collect all office paper waste that is generated through day-to-day office operation. Inest provides you paper waste collection containers in accordance with your needs (amount and type of containers are up to the customer). Inest provides free of charge collection of the paper waste with a min. limit of approx. 150 kg paper collection.

As a result, you will have to pay less for communal waste collection and all your paper waste will be recycled into paper products.

Our paper waste collection containers are designed to match office environment. The 32*32cm base with an 80cm height allows the placement of containers next to desks or printing machines. When there is a bigger amount of paper that you wish to have taken away from your office, you ring us or send and email and we arrange the pickup of paper within 5 working days.

Than your papers and documents will be collected and transported by a closed truck to our destruction site in Budapest. Our premises are under 24hrs security and during the periods of document destruction the process is further secured by armed guards. The papers will be pressed with a special paper compressing machine and handed over to recycling paper production. All your papers will see a new life as a recycled paper product.

2. Confidential document handling – shredding

Confidential document handling and shredding is a similar service to our first type of service (selective waste paper collection for offices), however there is additional emphasis on the secure handling of documents, including registering the process at various stages in accordance with the security requirements of the customer.

There is a possibility to use a special paper waste container, on which the top is sealed with a numbered tag protecting it from unauthorized access. In this case, the collection takes place in a securely sealed container and at the time of paper collection, the whole container is taken away to our destruction site.

The cost of the sealing tag is 1000,-Huf + VAT that is to be paid by the customer for each container, but no additional costs apply.
We provide a certificate about both the collection of the containers (including the tag numbers) and about the destruction and shredding of all the documents. All your papers will see a new life as a recycled paper product.


All your documents are transported in a closed vehicle from you office directlyto our shredding site where 24hrs security provides safety for your documents.

During the periods of document destruction the process is further secured by armed guards. Each stage of the process is documented, and you will receive a certificate of shredding after the process being completed. Upon request, your employee can observe the whole destruction process.

3. Cleaning up record office or filing-cabinet

When documents no longer need to be archived, or you are moving office and don’t want to take all papers with you, we provide a free of charge collection of office papers, including document destruction services if requested.Your papers and documents will be collected and transported by a closed truck to our destruction site in Budapest.

Shredding is documented and a document destruction certificate is provided upon request. This service is a one-off occasion, and the min. limit for office paper collection is 150 kg. All your papers will see a new life as a recycled paper product.


confidential document handling,
document destruction and shredding in accordance with customers requirements and
free of charge,
environmental friendly solution!


Insurance companies, banks, law offices, municipalities, universities, governmental organizations, etc.
Don’t forget, if we act environment friendly by recycling paper waste it allows future generations to enjoy the beauty of nature and trees.


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